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Social media marketing is among one of the most effective marketing strategies that you can employ for your small business. Due to the overwhelming success of campaigns that are based off of multimedia content, YouTube has emerged as one of the top advertising placement websites on the entirety of the Internet. Here are just a few of the reasons that social media marketing on YouTube is bound to be effective for your small business.

– Marketing my small business with YouTube is cheap.

Because the website is consistently growing, you always have new people to market to on YouTube. This gives you an incredibly small cost per customer that will only get smaller as the site continues to grow. Based on recent statistics from many independent online marketing agencies, YouTube has consistently been one of the cheapest websites to advertise on throughout the umbrella of major social media sites.

– Marketing my small business with YouTube gives my business a great deal of reach.

As stated before, the increasing number of viewers gives an incredible amount of reach to any business that invest in a consistent marketing platform on YouTube. However, this is not the only reason that YouTube gives your business some of the best reach on the Internet.

Videos that are produced specifically for YouTube do not have the same cost of maintenance as videos that are produced for traditional marketing outlets such as television and radio. First of all, these videos are much less expensive to produce. YouTube viewers are much more concerned about authenticity than they are with glossy professional production value. Secondly, once a video has gained an audience, it can be shared over many business cycles without the business having to put another dollar into public relations or advertising.

– There are many marketing strategies with YouTube that do not work with any other platform.

The viral strategy mentioned above is a strategy that works on YouTube independent of any other marketing platform. There are also many other strategies that are unique to the video sharing service, most of which cost much less than a traditional advertising campaign. One such strategy is renting out YouTube celebrities for a particular product, a strategy that saves businesses a great deal of money on the celebrity premium. Another strategy is the ability to change content on the fly depending on changes in a keyword profile or other consumer marketing analytic.


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