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Social media, especially Facebook, is a valuable marketing tool for nearly any type of business. Whether you own a small retail store or a large dentist office, a large portion of consumers will likely find you through Facebook advertising or through a referral post from a friend. Simply put, social media marketing is good for small businesses because the return on investment potential far exceeds the money needed to grow a company with users from Facebook and other social media outlets. Marketing my small business via social media has so many upsides that business owners rarely think about the risk potential that’s involved with running multiple marketing strategies. One of these risks is having your business advertising account banned by Facebook. If this unfortunate incident was something that you recently experienced, one of the following factors might apply to you:

The Very Basic Reason: You’ve Violated the Facebook Terms of Use 

One hundred percent of the time, if your ad account has been suspended or banned, the message you’ll receive from Facebook will likely say that you’ve violated their terms of use, but the message won’t specify which one. You’ll also have the chance to contact Facebook directly to try and solve this problem. Think back to when marketing my small business first came to mind. The following types of marketing strategies will get you booted from Facebook Advertising:

Ads for Dating or Singles Websites 

While it might have been okay in the past, these types of ads are off limits. You’ll be better off if you just create a brand new Facebook account.

Promoting Affiliate or 3rd Party Products 

Facebook hates affiliate marketing, especially if the links go directly to the 3rd party website and not a website of your own. Create a new website, cloak your ads to make them look like your own products and start all over again.

Create and Submit Ads on Behalf of Another Client Through Your Account 

You can only create and submit ads through your account that are relevant for your business. If you own a marketing firm, you must use separate accounts for each client.

Use a Forwarding URL to Promote a Website 

This can put you in hot water. The advertisement should go directly to the intended webpage. No forwarding URLs are allowed.

How To Get Your Facebook Advertising Back Online

If you truly care about social media marketing, you’ll probably do anything it takes to get your Facebook ads up and running again. This task will be difficult for anyone who doesn’t have any experience with Facebook recovery.

Create a new profile or use an old one that has been sitting around for awhile. Don’t create or upload any ads for at least a week and do not promote the same URL. Facebook flags URLs that are associated with banned accounts and will ban you again.

If you’ve been burdened with the shut down of your Facebook advertising account, contact us for more information at info@marketmysmallbusiness.com.


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