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Use LinkedIn to Market Your Small Business


A Modern Marketing Tool

In today’s business world, the LinkedIn profile is the new and improved business card. When I am marketing my small business, the first place I go is Linkedin. Unlike other social media marketing, LinkedIn is designed for businesses. Utilizing the tools and resources at linked in should always be one of your marketing strategies. LinkedIn is not a sales funnel or just another social network to put up a coupon. It is a professional outlet to reach out to other businesses and business people. Used correctly, Linkedin can be your most powerful marketing tool.
Your Company Page

Linked in has millions of company pages, and you need to make yours stand out or you will not be given a second thought. Not only do you need an exceptional personal profile, you must have a high-quality LinkedIn page for your company to showcase your brand to vendors, industry association members, customers and even potential employees. Having the ability to reach out to all of these different people in one place is an extremely valuable social media marketing tool. Your company’s LinkedIn page gives you the perfect opportunity to show off your products and services. Making sure I have a company page on Linkedin, for nearly the entire business world to see, is one of the first steps I take when I begin marketing my small business.
Leverage Linkedin Groups

The average user on Linkedin will join 7 different LinkedIn Groups. This shows that the community is very socially active. Customers use industry groups to research companies while in the process of making their buying decisions. To maximize your outreach, you should join every group in your industry. Make sure you regularly participate in discussions and keep an eye out for ways you can set your company apart. Belonging to industry groups can also put you in contact with other business owners so that you can share ideas and marketing strategies.
Rise Above the Competition

When marketing my small business, one of my main strategies is to publish useful content to various groups on LinkedIn. As a regular contributor of valuable industry information, you can set yourself apart from your competition. When you set yourself apart as an industry expert, customers will start to seek you out.
Learn From Your Peers

While it is possible to secure business leads directly through LinkedIn, the real value is in the networking. Being able to share ideas with other business owners can have an enormous benefit to your business. Many businesses use SlideShare to directly share useful tips and strategies with their peers.





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