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Tips For Marketing Your Business on Youtube

If you have a small business, you may be wondering, “how do I go about marketing my small business?” There are many different methods and venues available to you, but right now we’re just going to focus on one form of social media marketing: Youtube. With more and more people spending time on social media, Youtube is a great way to reach more people. By creating video content you can give people a sense of who you are, what your product or service will do for them, and how they can learn more about your business.  Here are some tips and marketing strategies to help you use Youtube for your business.
Enjoyable Content

Your video shouldn’t resemble a dry, boring lecture. It should be professional and informative, but still entertaining enough to hold people’s attention. Don’t try to stuff every possible bit of information into a single video. Keep your videos short and sweet, and create follow-up videos for people who want more information. If you’re going to narrate or speak in the video, create a basic outline of a script beforehand so that you don’t ramble or forget what you need to say.
Highlight Benefits

Don’t just give technical specifications of your products. Instead, explain why these features will help the consumer have a better experience. Help people understand why and how your product will improve their lives. Remember that marketing strategies used elsewhere will still often apply in social media marketing, even if they’ve been slightly modified for different formats.
What Next?

Creating and uploading your video is just the beginning. According to Youtube’s official statistics, 300 hours worth of video content is uploaded every single minute. This means that you can’t just upload a video and expect it to be noticed. You’ll need to market it on other social media websites like Twitter and Facebook. You should also encourage people to subscribe to your channel so that they are more likely to see any future videos you create.
Views vs. Interaction

While nearly every person on Youtube would love to upload a video that goes viral and gets millions of views, it’s important to remember that mere views won’t always mean more sales or a better business reputation. Focus on getting a high percentage of your viewers to interact with your brand, and before you upload a video ask yourself, “am I marketing my small business in a positive way?”




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