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Small Business Marketing Strategies: Facebook vs Google Advertising

You have a limited budget, no time, and no real experience with marketing. Welcome to the story of almost every small business. So you’re wondering to yourself – “How do I go about effectively marketing my small business when I have none of the typical prerequisites?” To cut straight to the chase, your only real options for creating an effective marketing platform are to use Facebook for social media marketing or Google AdWords for paid search marketing. Let’s get right into it and talk about the pros and cons about both of these marketing strategies and which one your specific business should be using.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook is by far the largest the social media marketing platform out there, with nearly 1.5 billion monthly active users. While this is an extraordinarily large and diverse group of people, Facebook’s greatest strength is that it allows for you to cut through the noise as an advertiser and selectively target a small section of this population. With a bit of research and repeated testing you can find out exactly who is buying your products and then target these specific people on Facebook. Do most of your customers consist of women that are over 50, that have an interest in handmade soaps, and that make over 100k per year. Well guess what, Facebook allows for you to target this specific demographic, making sure that your advertising budget is only being spent on those that are likely to buy your product.

Google AdWords

If I was doing research about marketing my small business I would probably already be on Facebook creating an advertiser’s account. But before you go, you might want to learn about Google AdWords, which a staple for thousands of businesses’ marketing strategies. Google AdWords can be quick to set up and allows for your business to show up in any of the nearly 12 billion searches that are made every month. AdWords ads show alongside normal search results, making this platform essential for any business that isn’t showing up organically for important search terms. While AdWords can be simple to set up, it can be difficult to properly optimize due to all the different factors that can be changed when showing your ads, including bid amount, location targeting, ad text, and extension management. The upside is that when this platform is properly used it can bring an enormous amount of profit and growth to a company.

So Which One Should I Be Using?

This is a tough question to answer, since every business is going to be different. If you already have a lot of information about your customers and how they shop, your budget will probably be better spent on Facebook since you will not have to use a lot of money and time trying to find the sweet spot with your advertising. If you simply want to get some sort of advertising rolling for your business or you have a lot of extra time, you might want to consider using Google AdWords. But really, you should be using both of these platforms since they both have unique benefits and they allow for you to target different people in different ways.




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